Here is what you get FREE when you become a Member Partner with us.

1.  24/7/365 Support (Chat live with us from 9:00 -5:00 Eastern time and email us after 5:00 pm with all your questions)
2.  Real Estate Buyer Support
3.  Real Estate BPO requests
4.  Real Estate HOA look-up
5.  Real Estate Seller Support
6.  Seller's Listing referrals (You pay a 20% referral fee at closing)?
7.  Transaction help (Lenders, Attorney, and Title Company) questions "ONLY"

Our Transaction Coordinators affectionately known as (TC) are extremely organized, energetic and confident. We have lots of ideas, on how to grow your company. Our processing is smooth and efficient. Our Transaction Coordinators will assist you throughout the transaction process and help you meet deadlines and free up your time to work with new customers and prospect. And best of all you pay at closing for this service.
What will the Transaction Coordinator do for you?
The Transaction Coordinator will initiate a title search to sending "Just Sold" cards after the closing. Our Transaction Coordinators can help you more than you imagine. Although the list of duties can vary from transaction to transaction, these are the core activities our Transaction Coordinators will assist you with on each transaction. When you are a member, this service is $200.00 and non-members will pay $250.00 per transaction at closing.
  • Verify that all required signatures and initials are on the contract and addenda
  • Maintain listing and buyer presentations and marketing materials
  • Provide fiduciary service to sellers and buyers
  • Verify that all required addenda are included with the contract.
  • Fill out commission disbursement forms.
  • Open a file with the escrow or title company.
  • Open and update the title search
  • Communicate whenever necessary with seller and buyers (delivering progress reports, open house, and showings feedbacks).
  • Send copies of the contract to the other agent, buyer, seller, and lender (as directed by agent).
  • Create a summary sheet containing all parties’ contact information, the property address, and property photo.
  • Provide listing appointment reminder (to abstain signatures, keys, and schedule walk-through) 
  • Create a Web-based transaction management file with secure access for agents and their clients to monitor the transaction.
  • Upload documents for shared viewing.
  • Send deadline reminders as needed throughout the transaction.
  • Follow up with the escrow company, lender, and other agents as needed. Keep agent informed of those communications.
  • Send a weekly e-mail summarizing the status of the transaction and advising the agent of upcoming deadlines.
  • Ensure that all paperwork is provided to all parties.
  • Request an estimated HUD-1 statement for the agent to review.
  • HUD agents we will send the cancellation document and extensions notices whenever necessary.
  • Follow up with the escrow or title company on the closing day.
  • Support agents by preparing the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), Seller Net Sheets, per-listing packages, updating and maintaining listing materials and listing presentations.
  • Keep agents updated on the progress of contracts and notify them when to begin the negotiation. Process and on issues that need to be resolved.
  • If the agent represents a seller, send reminders to remove the lock box, obtain seller’s forwarding address, and change status in MLS to "sold" at closing.
  • Upon closing, send 50 "Just Sold" postcards on the agent’s behalf. (Agent pay postage)
  • Thirty days after closing, remind the agent to touch base with his or her former client.