How to Truly Succeed in Real Estate

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When I pass my Real Estate State Exam I remembered the day like it was yesterday. In that moment I felt like I had arrived, the Residential Real Estate market was going to be my oyster, and I would be in the big league rubbing shoulders with the big guys. However, my bubble was popped a week later when my Broker told me I need to go and talk with my friends and family to get listings. I walked out of that office disappointed and heart-broken.

I did not know where to begin to complete this task. My family is small and I did not have many friends, and they were not in the market for a new home. So, for eight months I did nothing. I was out shopping for food when I ran into Sandra a student from my Real Estate class, she was excited to see me and asked how the Real Estate business was treating me. I told her the truth that I have done nothing in the past twelve months and that I was considering another path because I am lost and frankly I hate cold calling.  
Sandra had tears in her eyes when she told me she had quit altogether because she had no clue what to do to get listings and that her Broker made her feel like she was not trying hard enough. From the three brokerages, she signed-up with only one gave training and still, it was not enough to get her any business. I went home that day and decide that I will give this one more shot and if it doesn't work I am moving on.

The first thing I did after I dropped my shopping on the kitchen counter was to pour myself a glass of cold water and rushed to get my computer from the desk in my room and typed in Google “how to sell real estate” I found a bunch of reference on how to sell real estate and become successful, but there was no specific information on how to make the first step and get out there. There were no hand-holding, no nudge, just no real help.

The next day I called my board and asked the lady who answered the phone if there was some type of training for new real estate agents or agents who need help getting started and she told me where to go to their website and check out the education calendar and choose the class that I am interested in. I did just that and found a class that I thought would benefit me because it says this designation will earn me more than the average agent.  I started learning all I could and that is what I must share with you. I will help you step by step through the process from building your presentation to scheduling the listing appointment. Partner with us. We schedule the Listing appointment for you with our customers for a referral fee.  CLICK HERE NOW!